Is your world spinning and not because you received good news or that you are excited? As a result, it could mean that you are suffering from Vertigo. Having the feeling of everything around you are spinning or moving is a terrible sensation. We at Strauss Audiology can help you identify whether you suffer from Vertigo and run balance evaluations.

The feeling of the spinning sensation or imbalance may be barely noticeable. Or it may be so severe that you find it difficult to keep your balance to do everyday tasks. Vertigo attacks can develop suddenly and last a few seconds, or it can last much longer.

Other symptoms associated with vertigo could include:
  • loss of balance, which can make it difficult to stand or walk
  • feeling sick or being sick
  • dizziness.
What causes vertigo?

Vertigo is commonly caused by a problem with any of the pathways connected to the balance organ or by a problem within the balance organ itself.

The other causes of vertigo may include:
  • benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), which means certain head movements trigger vertigo. This is commonly experienced when people go to bed at night, or when they get out of bed in the morning.
  • migraines
  • labyrinthitis, an inner ear infection or vestibular neuronitis. This is the inflammation of the vestibular nerve, which sends messages to the brain that help to control balance.

20% to 30% of the general population experience dizziness. So, this is one of the top reasons that people seek medical help. But dizziness is certainly nothing new to us at Strauss Audiology. There is no need to feel embarrassed to be seen for this troublesome symptom. Balance rehabilitation is an ongoing therapy that can assist with minimising or relieving symptoms of dizziness. As a result, we can partially or fully resolve your balance problems.

How can Strauss Audiology help?

Strauss Audiology specialises in giving balance evaluations. As a result, bedside examination of balance and Vertigo is designed to establish the integrity of the balance organ as well as the pathways connected to it. This includes proprioception, vision, and somatosensory pathways. The tests are performed in a comfortable environment and the results are discussed in detail.

We make it our mission to come up with a management strategy that is focused on each patient’s need. Because to live with vertigo is no joke! We want to be there to help you manage it and provide the proper rehabilitation and therapy you as our patient deserve. So, if you constantly feel dizzy or off balance, contact us for help.

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