Hearing health has come a long way in the last decade, yet there are still a lot of myths about hearing loss. Do you think hearing loss only affects the elderly? Or do you believe your doctor can tell you if you have a problem with your hearing during a routine physical. If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, it’s time to change your perspective.

Hearing loss is for the elderly

Hearing loss can be caused by any number of factors: ototoxic medication, noisy work or hobbies, disease or genetics. In some cases, the cause of hearing loss is simply unknown. Hearing loss occurs in five out of every 1 000 new borns each year. Teens and young adults are at risk for developing a very preventable type of hearing loss. Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is one of the most common causes of hearing loss.

My doctor will tell me if my hearing is failing

The last time you went for a physical, did your doctor perform a hearing test on you? Chances are they didn’t because very few doctors do. We at Strauss Audiology are specifically educated and trained to administer hearing tests, evaluate hearing loss and recommend treatment. If you notice your hearing has diminished, be sure to make an appointment at our practice. It is important that you visit us annually, just like you do your primary care physician, we’ll be able to detect any hearing loss as it occurs.

My hearing is only bad in one ear

Your brain is a wonderful thing! It relies on input from both of your ears to interpret the sounds you hear.
Hearing loss in one ear can affect your ability to determine where sounds are coming from and make it harder to understand speech in noise. It can even make it harder to do other things while you are listening to someone because unilateral hearing loss or single-sided deafness increases your overall cognitive load.

Single-sided deafness can be treated, but first you’ll need to seek the advice of a hearing care professional.

Hearing aids will restore my hearing to normal

Today’s hearing aids are technological whizzes. Their sensitive microphones can focus on speech while tuning out background noise, they can be programmed with the touch of a smart phone and they work in tandem with many other personal electronic devices in our lives. The one thing hearing aids cannot do is restore your hearing to perfectly “normal.” As much as we’ve learned about how our sense of hearing works, there is no man-made device that can completely replicate human hearing.

The good news is that hearing aids can significantly improve your ability to hear well, which leads to enhanced communication with family, friends and co-workers. The key is to work closely with your hearing healthcare professional to make sure your hearing aids help you hear your best in each of your personal listening environments.

My hearing loss cannot be helped

Many forms of hearing loss can indeed be improved, whether it be by hearing aids, surgery, medication or a simple earwax removal procedure. You’ll never know if you never ask. And, if it’s been a few years since you’ve seen an audiologist, consider making another appointment with us. The field of hearing health is rapidly changing. Hearing loss that was difficult to address even a few years ago may be treatable now.

My hearing loss is only my problem

Many people believe they can endure the hardships that go along with untreated hearing loss, and they choose to believe it affects only themselves. But have you considered how difficult and frustrating it is to not be heard by someone you love? Your spouse, family members, devoted friends and even co-workers need to communicate and connect with you. Your hearing loss can put a strain on those valuable relationships in ways you might not know. If you don’t want to seek help for yourself, do it for those you love.

A better quality of life awaits once you overcome the myths surrounding hearing loss and its treatment. If you suspect you have hearing loss or you know someone who does, book an appointment with us at Strauss Audiology today!

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