If you have an issue with your ear and hearing health, then knowing where to go is very important. However, there are different kinds of specialists for different kinds of needs. Some of them may sound similar but offer different services. For instance, how do you know whether you should go to an audiologist or an ENT doctor?

These might sound like much the same thing at first glance, but they tend to have a different focus with their treatments. Below we will look at what you need to know about the difference between an audiologist and an ENT.

While an audiologist is there to help you find the right long-term treatment for hearing loss and to ensure your ear health is as well maintained as possible, ENT doctors focus on a more surgical and medication-based approach.

What services do an audiologist provide?

Audiologists can perform a wide range of treatments for you, including the following:

What services do an ENT doctor provide?

ENT doctors, on the other hand, tend to deal with a range of medical issues affecting the ear, nose, and throat, and can help with the following:

  • Ear conditions such as infections and tumors, both benign and cancerous.
  • Nasal issues, such as sinusitis, allergies and tumors.
  • Throat issues like tonsillitis and growths.
  • Sleep apnea and the potential physical causes which are often found in the nose or the throat.

Both an audiologist and ENT doctor provide essential services. You just need to know when to visit which.

Should you see an audiologist or an ENT doctor?

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