audiologist counselling for hearing aid users

Helping you adjust to living with hearing loss

Aural rehabilitation is about implementing solutions to improve hearing ability where hearing loss has been diagnosed, and providing management techniques to help one adjust to living with hearing loss.

As hearing loss acquired in adult life can seriously impact your quality of life, rehabilitation seeks to restore quality of life by eliminating, reducing or circumventing the deficits and limitations of hearing loss.

Strauss Audiology provides an holistic approach to aural rehabilitation, applying four key components:

sensory management - audiologist northern suburbs

This is in the form of hearing aids, cochlear implants and hearing assistance technology. The immediate goal is to help you hear other people speaking while preserving comfort and perceived sound quality over as wide a range as possible of talker spectrum, talker distance, talker effort and interfering noise and reverberation.

support for living with impaired hearing - audiologist

Instruction is about familiarising you to effectively operate your hearing device in the listening environment. You also come to understand the nature of your hearing loss, the potential benefits of your hearing device and its limitations. You learn how to maintain your device and deal with the associated inconveniences. You also acquire insights into the factors that enhance or limit communication, as well as the techniques to ensure successful communication outcomes.

perceptual training by professional audiologist

The aim is to enhance auditory and/or auditory-visual perceptual skills, especially the skills of speech perception. All hearing aid users need to learn to deal with new auditory sensations. While learning can occur in the context of daily life, there are individual differences, for instance, the amount of learning needed, opportunities for learning, confidence to engage in conversations, adaptability, perceptual speed, use of context and tolerance for error and embarrassment.

Training is provided in an unthreatening environment for maximum success. As perceptual and communicative skill improve, so your participation in and quality of life improve.

counselling and support for loss of hearing

Feeling uncomfortable or overwhelmed? Strauss Audiology provides a safe environment to discuss and come to terms with the impact of hearing loss on your life. You have the opportunity to discuss your feelings and explore ways to address the practical, social and emotional consequences of loss of hearing.

Topics that may be discussed include relationships, employment, anger and embarrassment. . The aim is to help you to regain a sense of control over your life and enhance your participation in and quality of life.


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