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Protect your hearing from loud noise

Noise can damage the hair cells, membranes, nerves and other parts of your ear, causing temporary or permanent hearing loss. Loud noise is particularly harmful to the inner ear (cochlea). Both once-off exposure to extremely loud sound and exposure to loud sounds for a long time can cause hearing loss, which may progress while the exposure continues. Harmful effects can continue even after exposure to noise. Damage to the inner ear or auditory neural system is generally permanent.

To prevent damage or hearing loss, hearing protection is essential! Hearing protection includes comprehensive noise protection for any aspect of life, from corporate to social events. It includes custom hearing protection for motorcyclists, handymen and musicians. Custom shooting protection offers ideal options for huntsmen or where there is recreational rifle noise exposure, including electronic noise protection with a listening microphone. We provide what you need to protect your hearing.


ear hearing protection - hearing protection devices
Other solutions include:
  • Swimming plugs
  • Sleeping plugs
  • Noise protection for live events
  • Noise protection for musicians – includes in-ear monitors with single, double or triple drivers.
  • Custom protection for musicians – consists of flat frequency response filters that provide adequate protection while preserving a full frequency spectrum of sound.


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