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Is the noise in your ears distracting you?

If you hear a noise in your ears that sounds like a buzzing, ringing, or even swooshing sound, chances are that you have tinnitus. Strauss Audiology can assess the severity of tinnitus and assist.


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Tinnitus is the internal sound you hear that does not come from an external source. The noise caused by tinnitus can be constant, or happen now and then. It may also be worse in times of silence. It may feel like it’s in the middle of your head or on one side. It also may pulse or stay constant.

Generally, tinnitus exists together with hearing loss and sometimes you may not even be aware that you have hearing loss. The amount of distress or annoyance you may experience from tinnitus varies from person to person. Some people can ignore it, but in certain cases, tinnitus affects life and work activities. It may also result in fatigue, stress, loss of concentration, insomnia or depression.

How Strauss Audiology assists

 We can diagnose and help you manage your experience of tinnitus, as well as providing possible solutions to treatment.

Management includes sharing information, counselling, limited cognitive behavioural therapy, relaxation techniques and the fitting of devices that help to retrain the brain to reduce the perception of tinnitus.


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