Hearing loss can affect more than just your ability to hear sounds and do your day-to-day tasks. The mental and emotional effects of hearing loss include anger, denial, depression, anxiety, isolation, social withdrawal, and fatigue, which leads to much negativity in life.

Hearing loss can affect more than just your hearing. The mental and emotional effects of hearing loss can affect your self-esteem and the way that you interact with others. We would like to advise that you have your hearing checked out annually to ensure it is on par and if there are any issues, we can assist in addressing it.

How Hearing Loss Affects Emotional Health

Hearing loss can have a negative impact on your emotions. Some of the effects of hearing loss can include:

Anger and denial. To lose your hearing can be a drastic change to your everyday life that can be a difficult adjustment to get used to, which can cause you to feel angry. It is also common for people with hearing loss to be in denial about the seriousness of their hearing loss because it is hard to accept.

Depression and anxiety. Losing your hearing can make you feel like you lost part of your identity and can cause feelings of sadness and depression. Hearing loss can also be anxiety-provoking. It can create a lot of stress and worry when someone with hearing loss is faced with having a conversation with someone else and they are missing parts of the conversation and let on that they are struggling to hear.

Isolation and social withdrawal. It is common to avoid situations where it is difficult to hear to avoid feelings of stress, anxiety, and embarrassment about your hearing loss. Isolation and social withdrawal can also lead to feelings of depression or make them worse. The frustration of not being able to hear in these situations may lead people to avoid going out in the public, which can cause them to become socially isolated.

Fatigue. Losing your hearing can make you feel tired or fatigued because straining to hear properly demands more of your energy. Hearing loss can be managed and treated. We at Strauss Audiology is here to help and guide you all the way.

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