Tinnitus treatment has improved significantly over the years and the latest technology can now enable you to live an almost tinnitus-free life.

Tinnitus frustrates and distresses most sufferers, who ‘hear’ whooshing, ringing, buzzing, roaring, hissing, humming or clicking sounds, even though there is no external source of this noise. By managing these ‘sounds’ through tinnitus treatment, sufferers can experience welcome relief.

To recommend the most suitable tinnitus treatment, Strauss Audiology needs to understand what is causing the symptoms. Health issues such as TMJ or Meniere’s disease may be responsible. It may also be a side effect of medication or a neurological issue or structural abnormality. However, hearing loss is the most common reason for tinnitus.

Hearing loss typically occurs when hair cells in the inner ear are damaged or broken. If the hair cells no longer move in response to sound waves, the auditory nerve does not send the signals to the brain that are usually interpreted as sound. The brain then tries to create sound when the expected auditory input is absent, and you hear tinnitus in your ear.

The good news is that we can resolve tinnitus associated with hearing loss. By treating your hearing loss with hearing aids, we address the cause of your tinnitus and minimise the symptoms significantly.

Some hearing aids are specifically designed for tinnitus sufferers. Some of these emit tinnitus therapy signals, such as static noises or the sound of ocean waves. These mix with the sounds of tinnitus to serve as a distraction.

If you have tinnitus and would like to effectively manage the symptoms, please contact us. We will conduct a hearing test and propose a solution that can improve your hearing and restore your quality of life. 

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