Real ear measurement (REM) is a critical aspect of the hearing aid fitting process that helps ensure that the hearing aids provide the best possible sound quality for the individual wearer. REM involves measuring the sound pressure levels inside the ear canal while the individual is wearing the hearing aids. This allows the audiologist to adjust the settings of the hearing aids to achieve optimal sound quality and comfort.

What does REM entail?

In South Africa, REM is a widely practiced technique in audiology clinics and is considered an essential part of the hearing aid fitting process. Audiologists in South Africa use REM to ensure that hearing aids are fitted correctly, providing patients with maximum benefit and a comfortable listening experience.

The process of REM involves the use of specialised equipment, including a probe tube microphone that is inserted into the ear canal and a real ear measurement system that captures and displays the sound pressure levels inside the ear canal. The audiologist uses this information to adjust the hearing aids’ settings to ensure that the sound quality is optimal for the individual wearer.

The audiology profession

South Africa has a well-established audiology profession, with a range of education and training programs offered at universities and technical colleges. Audiologists in South Africa are trained to use REM techniques and stay up-to-date with the latest research and technology in the field.

In addition to ensuring that hearing aids are fitted correctly, REM is also used to evaluate the performance of hearing aids over time. Regular REM testing can help audiologists identify any issues with the hearing aids and make adjustments to improve their performance.

Important part of hearing aid fitting process

Overall, REM is an important part of the hearing aid fitting process in South Africa, helping to ensure that individuals with hearing loss receive the best possible care and support. If you are experiencing hearing loss and are considering hearing aids, be sure to work with a qualified audiologist who uses REM techniques to ensure the best possible outcomes.

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