Hearing aids have become an integral part of life for thousands of people. There’s no doubt that improved hearing enables people to reconnect to the world. If you have hearing difficulties, hearing aids can make a profound difference to your life too!

After living in a zone of muffled noise or silence, hearing impaired people who have hearing aids fitted are often amazed at the amount of sound they’ve missed. Traffic, conversations, doors opening, alarms, the TV and sounds of nature suddenly become audible again. As this flood of sound reaches their brain,people with hearing impairment who have withdrawn into themselves may feel overwhelmed.

It may therefore take some time to adjust to life with improved hearing. When this is done, you will be able to engage in conversations more easily, with less fatigue and stress. Watching TV will be more enjoyable and you’ll have increased situational awareness, which improves safety and quality of life.

To adjust, you will first need to get used to wearing hearing aids. When we fit our clients’ hearing aids in our offices in Panorama, Cape Town, we customise them to ensure maximum comfort.

With regular use, your brain will quickly adjust to processing sound again. You’ll then find hearing aids are essential for life’s activities, like going to work, shopping or meeting with friends. Even playing sport or spending recreational time by yourself will be more enjoyable. If you forget to wear them, you could set an alarm on your device or write a reminder note for yourself.

After being isolated due to hearing impairment, you will find great joy in connecting with people again. Whether in face-to-face conversations or chatting on the phone, you’ll be able to more easily follow what others are saying. Speech will be clear to understand, so you won’t need to rely as much on reading their body language and gestures. It will be simpler to engage with people, and they will respond more readily.

As you begin your journey of restored hearing, you could diarise your experiences. This is a great way to monitor your progress. You can also remind yourself of anything you would like to tell us when you visit us next. So, write down the types of sounds you hear that may be unfamiliar or unpleasant. Note if you are experiencing any difficulties with your hearing aids. Are you struggling in any situation that requires you to hear? Are you happy with your progress?

At your next visit, let your diary prompt you to ask us questions. We can also address any issues you’ve recorded and fine-tune your hearing aids, if necessary, to improve your hearing experience. At Strauss Audiology, we pride ourselves in making clients happy and will walk the journey of restored hearing with you.

To find out more about hearing aids or to improve your hearing, please contact us. We will book a hearing test for you and give our professional opinion based on our findings. We are based in the Panorama Health Care Centre in the northern suburbs of Cape Town.

About Strauss Audiology
Strauss Audiology is a professional audiology business in the northern suburbs of Cape Town, offering expert, effective hearing advice that is tailored to clients’ unique hearing needs. We conduct hearing evaluations, hearing tests and vertigo assessments, and provide a range of solutions to improve and protect clients’ hearing. This includes providing hearing aids to Cape Town clients. With 16 years of experience, and with the qualifications and certifications to deliver leading hearing care, you can trust us to take care of your hearing needs.

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