One of the most common difficulties for people with hearing loss is to hear when there is a lot or even a little background noise. People usually then rely on trying to face the person who is speaking in order to read their lips. But this is not always very feasible in a crowd when multiple people are talking. It can be very frustrating trying to focus on each person speaking and reading their lips. But luckily with technology evolving so fast, we can help you with improved hearing technology, which has noise cancelling features amongst other things.

You can start to face noisy places again thanks to the latest hearing technology

Some individuals might even avoid participating in social gatherings or going to noisy environments due to their difficulty with hearing. This can leave the person with hearing loss feeling isolated. Have you perhaps noticed one of your loved ones that has difficulty hearing withdraw and just stare out in front of them or continue eating by themselves whilst in a crowd?

We understand that hearing in noisy environments is one of the biggest complaints for hearing aid users. That is why we invest so much time and resources in finding the correct hearing technology to better our patients lives. Today we will specifically make mention of Phonak and we want to continue to showcase its features and benefits throughout this article. The Phonak Audéo Paradise 90 devices now have a new spatial noise canceller called Dynamic Noise Cancellation.

What is Phonak Dynamic Noise Cancellation?

This new feature of Phonak can improve the signal to noise ratio by up to 4dB in noisy environments, which makes it great hearing technology. The strength can be adjusted in the myPhonak app and This allows you to make situational adjustments according to your preference. Dynamic Noise Cancellation is a nifty tool to use and will make your life so much easier.

How does the Dynamic Noise Cancellation differ from other Phonak noise cancellers?

The main noise cancellers Phonak uses (other than Dynamic Noise Cancellation) are NoiseBlock and SNR Boost.

NoiseBlock is a single channel noise reduction method that also works in frequency bands. This feature works well for stationary noise sources and for omnidirectional microphones settings.

SNR Boost combines the Phonak adaptive beamformer and the Phonak spatial noise canceller. This is the first version of a spatial noise canceller Phonak used.

Why would you want to adjust Phonak Dynamic Noise Cancellation yourself?

We find that so many of our patients struggle to hear in noisy places and they request to hear better whilst in a crowd. It is sometimes challenging to adjust hearing aids in the practice as it is hardly ever noisy, and therefore it is so great that you can and should adjust your own Phonak Dynamic Noise Cancellation device. Every person and every listening situation are different. That is the beauty of the Phonak Dynamic Noise Cancellation being available in the app, it provides hearing aid users with so much more flexibility.

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