When we experience hearing loss, sounds that we all take for granted as such as laughter, a child’s voice or music, fade away. This can lead to a cascade of changes that could impact us emotionally.

When we can hear properly, we can enjoy life to the fullest. When we can hear the way we should, it fuels us, and undeniably makes moments more memorable and life more enjoyable.

Hearing loss can affect us in many ways, such as:

  • Hearing loss might cause embarrassment
  • Missing favourite sounds might lead to sadness
  • When you miss critical information, it could create anxiety
  • Not hearing conversations clearly might lead to feeling left out
  • Feeling left out can lead to depression and social isolation
Hearing loss impacts our physical and mental health

Hearing loss plays an important role in our physical and mental well-being. There is growing research linking hearing loss to dementia and cognitive decline. When we hear our best, it’s easy to stay engaged, alert and active.

When our hearing is impaired, our sense of space shrinks, we miss warning cues, and we withdraw from social gatherings. Therefore, it leaves our physical and mental health vulnerable.

Adults who experience hearing loss are up to five times more likely to develop dementia. Hearing loss is linked to a three-fold risk of falling. Accidental injuries are up to 50 percent more likely for people with hearing loss

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