It is refreshing to report on how hearing aids have evolved over the decades. Going right back to the ‘70s when it was linear and analogue, there were such limited features available that it made life difficult to satisfy the average hearing aid user.

Without a doubt, hearing aids were needed, and it was and is the ticket to connect hearing aid users with the world and give them confidence to socialise again. But there always seemed to be something missing or not quite right back in the day.

Hearing aids today

Over the past 50 years, there has been a multitude of different hearing aids and technology around it. They have always served their purpose, but the way it is made today, is definitely the best they have ever been! There is constant upgrades and updates to technology, and it is just getting better and more advanced.

Hearing aids are much smarter and much simpler

As out-of-this-world, high-tech, powerful and fantastic the hearing devices of today is, they are equally easy to use. These days, hearing aids are so user friendly that anyone of any age can use it. They aren’t as intimidating as people make them out to be.

Today, you put your devices in, and they are so smart, comfortable and intuitive that you practically forget you’re even wearing it at all because there’s so little to adjust.

You don’t have to be tech-savvy or if you are worried for your parents and grandparents who can’t figure it out, there is no need for worry, it is super easy to use and manage.

Visit Strauss Audiology and experience hearing aids for yourself

It is so refreshing to know that we live in a day and age where hearing aids are much easier to use and operate, convenient to put in and take out, have a longer life span, are water resistant and rechargeable, have much better sound quality, are hands-free, can stream to other Bluetooth devices, and the list goes on.

We are here to help guide you find the perfect pair of hearing aids that suit your needs. Book a consultation with us and take back your quality of life.

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