When we experience hearing loss, sounds that we all take for granted as such as laughter, a child’s voice or music, fade away. This can lead to a cascade of changes that could impact us emotionally.

There is a connection between hearing loss and stress. Stress has overall damaging effects on our bodies and can contribute to serious health concerns.

People with hearing loss often experience a daily stressor related to their hearing loss called listening fatigue. This is when you must constantly concentrate on speech, lipreading, or social cues throughout your day to the point that you are physically exhausted. Listening fatigue is common among children and adults with hearing loss and can be reduced by using hearing aids.

Tinnitus can also cause stress

Tinnitus, which is often a symptom of underlying hearing loss is also linked to stress. People suffering from tinnitus, also known as “ringing in the ears”, may pick up that their tinnitus increases when their stress levels are higher.

A study showed that 53.6 percent of the people with tinnitus who were polled reported their tinnitus began during a stressful experience in their life, while 52.8 percent reported their tinnitus increased during a stressful period.

The good news is, another study found that hearing professionals reported about 60 percent of their patients experience minor to major relief from their tinnitus when wearing hearing aids, while one in five received major relief. Thus, we recommend that you book an appointment with us at Strauss Audiology so that you can start living your life the way you want without extra burden and stress.

Therefore, the best and ultimate way to reduce your stress when it comes to your hearing is to book an appointment with Strauss Audiology to map out an audiology plan that will work for your situation. This will then in essence assist you with your quality of life and reduce your stress levels and fill your life with joy again.

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