As we age, we want to stay as healthy and happy as possible. Our hearing plays a big role in healthy aging too. Below we will share four ways hearing better can help us age more graciously.

1. Hearing better helps keep us social and active

When we can hear clearly and with minimal effort, it’s much easier to engage, maintain connections, feel a part of conversations, and stay socially active. Research proves that people who enjoy socialising are more likely to live longer than those who isolate themselves.

On the other hand, people who struggle hearing would rather prefer to avoid social situations. They might turn down invitations, limit interactions, and become more withdrawn and isolated.

2. Hearing better helps to keep us independent

Hearing plays a massive role in how confident and independent we are as well as how safe we feel when we’re out and about.

When we hear clearly, our spatial awareness opens up and we’re able to distinguish and react to audible cues that warn us of safety issues. When we hear without effort, we don’t have to rely on others to play translator or clarify what was said and we thought we heard, resulting in a greater sense of freedom and independence.

People whose hearing has deteriorated are more likely to miss warning cues, feel less confident in surroundings outside their home, and are more at risk of accidents, injuries or mishearing important information.

3. Hearing better can help keep us mentally sharp

There are many studies that link hearing loss to dementia, which will triple by 2050 as predicted by the World Health Organisation.

Experts attribute the connection to the fact that hearing loss leads to social isolation, which is a known risk factor for dementia, that it accelerates brain shrinkage, and that it forces the brain to “steal” energy needed for memory and thinking.

4. Hearing better brings us joy

When we can hear clearly, it keeps us positive and vibrant! Whether it’s listening to the sound of your favourite music, your child’s first words, ocean waves lapping, or a bird singing outside the window, hearing keeps us engaged, active, and connected to the world around us.

If you’re ready to start hearing better so you can age and live your best, the time is now, and we are here to help! If you suspect your hearing is not up to scratch, book an appointment and let us help you to hearing the best possible again.

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