We don’t need clinical evidence to understand that hearing loss can lead to depression. If you feel isolated and afraid to go places due to hearing loss, the unavoidable depression might seep in.

If you’re experiencing hearing loss, there’s a good chance that you will deliberately distance yourself from social situations due to your hearing that is not up to scratch. Avoiding social situations and interactions can lead to social isolation and social isolation is linked to higher rates of depression.

It is a fact; humans are social creatures. So, if we’re not interacting and staying engaged, the physical and mental health consequences can pile up. But if you do need data and proof and clinical evidence studies back this.

Untreated hearing loss increases the likelihood of depression

A study by The National Council on the Aging (NCOA) in 1999 reported that people with untreated hearing loss were “more likely to report depression, anxiety, and paranoia and were less likely to participate in social activities” than people who treated their loss.

Then, in 2014, researchers from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) found a strong association between hearing impairment and depression among adults.

More recently, a team analysing 35 previous studies discovered that people with hearing loss were 47 percent more likely to have symptoms of depression compared to peers without hearing loss. Hypertension, Diabetes, Cholesterol and Arthritis can also contribute to sensorineural hearing loss

Can treating hearing loss help with depression?

A 2019 study of older adults found that the use of hearing aids was associated with a delayed diagnosis of depression.

It makes sense though… If you are able to hear your best, interactions are easier, which should lead to less social isolation, which should help to minimise the risk of depression.

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