It is such a great relief that the world is opening up to travel a bit, don’t you agree? We thought that we would share some tips for traveling with hearing loss. These traveling tips for hearing loss range from preparing for your trip to getting to your destination and having the time of your life on your holiday.

Preparation is key for traveling with hearing

We all know the saying that if you fail to plan you plan to fail. And it’s no different when it comes to traveling with hearing loss.
First things first, visit us at Strauss Audiology. It’s important to make sure your hearing aids are as prepared for your trip as you are. Make an appointment in advance and make sure you ask about assistive listening devices that help you with your hearing loss. These can help make your stay much more enjoyable.

What to Pack: It is important to bring extra hearing aid batteries and tubing. And remember to store these in your hand luggage for safe keeping. Don’t forget a protective waterproof travel case and a cleaning kit. If you are one of the lucky ones to travel overseas, remember to bring an outlet converter with you to help ensure you can charge rechargeable batteries and other assistive devices.

At the airport

Print your reservations and tickets ahead of time or have them on your phone: This makes it easier to show them to airport staff for a smooth check-in especially if it is noisy and you struggle with your hearing loss.

No need to feel afraid to tell the staff members or fellow travellers of your hearing loss. This way, they can ensure you don’t miss any changes in boarding times or delays. Embrace your hearing loss: Don’t be shy that you experience hearing loss. Most people are happy and willing to help you in any way they can.

Check your seat: Remember that if you have hearing loss, you cannot sit at the emergency exit seat.
It’s important not to remove your hearing aids on flights to prevent missing information. If you are traveling via bus or train and there are no visual stops, then ask someone sitting next to you to let you know when your stop is coming up.

At the destination

When out on a day tour of cities or towns, FM listening systems can help you hear the commentary. Ask the tour operator to use a transmitter microphone, which will allow you to listen to the presentation over radio waves via your hearing aid’s receiver.

When you are at your hotel, don’t forget to inform the front desk about your hearing loss in case of emergency.

The last travel tip for traveling with hearing loss is an important one: advocate for yourself. When you do this, it makes traveling easier for both yourself and those who surround you.

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