Many of us might think that South Africa is behind when it comes to technology, but it is not the case with hearing aids, and most definitely not with hearing aids in Cape Town. Ear tech is an in thing these days. It is hard to distinguish whether it is a hearing aid or an ear pod that you are using. There is no need to feel ashamed anymore to wear a hearing aid. Moreover, you will be part of the in-crowd when you have the latest and greatest. We do however cater for all walks of life when it comes to choosing a hearing aid in Cape Town. To find the correct hearing aids in Cape Town should therefore not be a problem.

What the future holds for hearing aids in Cape Town

Hearing aids have evolved so much over the years and is constantly improving. With the fast paced world we live in everything is moving towards an app of some sort and the same with hearing aids. As a result, you are now able to control what and how well you want to hear via a hearing aid app and Bluetooth connection.

If you wear a hearing aid you might feel like it’s impossible to make use of all these fancy features without hassle, but that’s not the truth. Many hearing aids have become more connective to keep up with rising trends.

Connecting your hearing aids

At Strauss Audiology we keep up with the hearing aid trends and to make sure our wearers are comfortable and satisfied. We have found that many people with hearing aids have problems talking on the phone. But by using proper hearing aids, you can ease many of the downsides to using cellphones while wearing hearing aids. Your hearing aids can now be connected with your smartphones and televisions. It is a big thing now!

How to connect hearing aids

Bluetooth has become the preferred method of connection, especially when working with wireless devices like hearing aids. You can directly connect your hearing aids to your smartphone. While Apps allow users to toggle volume, sound quality, and other features from your phone.

Connective technology at its best

The yearning to use your phone freely is a big thing for hearing aid wearers. However, connectivity doesn’t stop at your phone. There are now many television accessories, which connects to your television and allows you to stream the audio straight to your hearing aids. You are in control of your personal volume, and you can move freely to gather snacks and visit the restroom. How cool is that?

Hearing aids in Cape Town keep on evolving to keep up with the rest of the world

In conclusion, whether you have an age-related hearing loss problem or have been hard-of-hearing your whole life, it’s always worth your while to stay abreast with innovation in hearing aids. And Strauss Audiology thrives on this. New technologies might allow you to use your phone, watch TV, and hear the world around you in ways that you thought would never materialise for you. Technology might be evolving quickly, but we’re matching their pace.

About Strauss Audiology
Strauss Audiology is a professional audiology business in the northern suburbs of Cape Town, offering expert, effective hearing advice that is tailored to clients’ unique hearing needs. We conduct hearing evaluations, hearing tests and vertigo assessments, and provide a range of solutions to improve and protect clients’ hearing. This includes providing hearing aids to Cape Town clients. With 16 years of experience, and with the qualifications and certifications to deliver leading hearing care, you can trust us to take care of your hearing needs.

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